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May 28, 2020. Fox Business, Knights of Columbus providing up to $100M in coronavirus aid to churches struggling with donations

April 27, 2020. Fox Business, Fox Business features K of C’s $100M ChurchLoan Program

March 22, 2020. Crux, Knights of Columbus starts investment fund that follows USCCB guidelines

March 9, 2020. Bloomberg, ‘Trying Not to Panic’: The Collapse in U.S. Markets Spared No One

March 1, 2020. Columbia Magazine, Investing With Faith

February 25, 2020. Yahoo Finance, Tony Minopoli on KoCAA’s Investment Strategy During Market Volatility

January 28, 2020. New Haven Biz, Knights offer new index fund choice for investors

December 17, 2019. New Haven Biz, Knights launch new investment vehicle

November 16, 2019. Fox 61, CIO Tony Minopoli featured at the New Haven “Day of Joy” Event

November 15, 2019. New Haven Biz, Knights unveil new private-label donor-advised fund

October 24, 2019. Yahoo Finance, CIO Tony Minopoli on faith-based investing & fixed income strategies

October 11, 2019, New Haven BIZ, Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors announces acquisition

June 12, 2019, The Hour, Study: foundation grants withstand 2018 stock drop

June 12, 2019, New Haven BIZ, Knights of Columbus launches new charity fund

Press Releases

March 20, 2020, Our Commitment Remains: A Message to Our Clients

March 5, 2020, Market Update - March 5th

March 1, 2020,
Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors Celebrates 5th Anniversary; Delivering Investment Expertise to Catholic Investors

February 19, 2020,
Legatus International Opens Private-Label Donor-Advised Fund Powered by Knights of Columbus Charitable Fund

January 28, 2020, First of Its Kind Catholic All Cap U.S. Index Fund

December 16, 2019, Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors Announces New Long/Short Equity Fund

November 12, 2019, New AMS Private-Label Donor-Advised Fund

October 1, 2019, KoCAA Announces the Acquisition of Boston Advisors

June 5, 2019, Knights of Columbus Offers New Charitable Giving Vehicle

March 22, 2019, Knights of Columbus Catholic Investor International Equity Fund Recognized at 2019 Lipper Fund Awards

April 19, 2018, Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors Annual Investor Call 2018

February 1, 2017, Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors in Columbia magazine

January 25, 2017, Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors Annual Investor Call

March 24, 2015, Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors Announces Faith-Based Investment Solutions

December 19, 2014, “Knights of Columbus Announces Plans for a New Suite of Institutional Investment Services”


July 31, 2019, KoCAA 2019 Investment Symposium

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