KoCAA Celebrates Sixth Year Since Inception

Dear Valued KoCAA Shareholders and Clients,

This year, as Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors (KoCAA) marks its sixth year since its inception, we have much to celebrate.

No doubt you have heard that our CEO Carl Anderson, who has led the Knights of Columbus, our parent organization, and its subsidiaries for the past 20 years, has retired effective March 1, 2021. Carl was instrumental in the founding of KoCAA and has played an indispensable role in our growth and success over these six years. We are confident that our new CEO, Patrick Kelly, will continue that record of achievement as KoCAA strives to grow and prosper in its service to our client investors.

Over the past year, KoCAA has maintained a steadfast commitment to you, our faithful shareholders and clients. As of today’s publication date, according to Bloomberg, the S&P 500 Index is 3,875.11 and the 10 Year Treasury has a yield 1.42%. The stock market value [remains close to all time highs] and bond yields have persisted at or near lows unheard of in prior decades. Our investment team at KOCAA has been through many market cycles and is drawing on this broad expertise to position portfolios for the current investment environment. We are evaluating the current environment in light of the state of COVID-19, vaccines and the prospect for inflation. We continue our focus on managing portfolios to participate in a broad array of market environments. This is a particularly challenging time as the economy shifts from lockdown to reopening and the outside concern of inflation. 

As always, we strive to deliver “value with values,” the primary goal for KoCAA, as we tirelessly champion our guiding principles. Because earning a satisfying profit for our shareholders and clients is part of our commitment to you, we have worked earnestly to generate competitive rates of return without compromising our integrity.

Our team accomplished significant milestones during 2020 despite the impact  on financial markets from the global pandemic. We continue to support our shareholders and clients’ wealth and currently manage nearly $29 billion in assets. With a rollout that began in February of this year, we are now extremely excited to offer to individual retail investors the same services we have offered you, our institutional shareholders and clients, for the last six years.

As of December 31, 2020, we increased our shareholder/client base, adding approximately $243 million in assets over the calendar year. That brought our total assets under management to nearly $29 billion, with over $25 billion in fixed income assets, $1.2 billion in equity, and $1.36 billion in alternatives. The balance is represented in preferred, trust preferred, cash, and short-term commercial paper. 

Our long-term performance demonstrates the competitive investment opportunities of faith-based ethical investing. This year we celebrated the first anniversary of the launch of our K of C U.S. All Cap Index Fund, the first of its kind, and the new K of C Long/Short Equity Fund which further demonstrated KoCAA’s investment leadership and represented additional investment opportunities for Catholic investors. 

Investment Process
With the changes made in 2020, I am confident that we have never been in a better place to positively impact the lives of our shareholders and clients all the while staying true to Blessed Fr. McGivney’s long term vision of a Catholic fraternal organization that assists families with their financial security.  We remain on track to provide “value with values” staying true to the mandate never to sacrifice our integrity in pursuit of financial gain. 

With the full integration of equity manager Boston Advisors, the KoCAA team is now over 40 members strong, and continues to be supported by other Knights departments as well as collaboration with investment partners such as L2 Asset Management, Ranger Global Real Estate Advisors, and other market leading providers to bring the best ideas across an innovative investment platform designed for today’s investor.

Looking Ahead
We are extremely optimistic about the prospects of expanding the reach of our experienced and disciplined Catholic investment program.  With the ability to engage non K of C members through our investment program, we see this as a two way pipeline not only to bring the Knights’ good works to an entirely new cohort of Catholics who may not be as familiar with the Order, but also as an effective way to help expand our reach and potentially grow the Order’s membership of 2 million men dedicated to serving others. 

Thank you
Of course, none of this would be possible without you, our valued shareholders and clients. Thank you for your trust in Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors, a trust which has enabled us to build a great firm to serve your investment needs and interests. 


Tony Minopoli 

President and Chief Investment Officer,
Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors

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