Frequently Asked Questions

1. The mutual funds used to be known as the “Knights of Columbus” funds – why did the name change to “Catholic Investor” funds?

Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors is proud of the long history and rich tradition of the Knights of Columbus. While many in the Catholic community are familiar with the Knights and their good works, others did not always recognize the Knights of Columbus as Catholic, which caused confusion and lost opportunities. The name change to Catholic Investor Funds helps to eliminate any possible ambiguity about who and what we are. Retention of the Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors name for the mutual funds’ advisor also helps to support the fraternal nature of the Knights of Columbus in the wholly owned subsidiary.

2. Do I have to be affiliated with the Knights of Columbus to be eligible to invest in the Catholic Investor Funds?

No. Investors with no affiliation with the Knights of Columbus may invest in these Funds.

3. I’d like to invest across a diversified portfolio of several mutual funds. Do I need to meet the I Shares’ (formerly Institutional Shares) $25,000 minimum for each fund, or can I combine my investments across multiple Funds?

To purchase I Shares (formerly Institutional Shares) of the Funds for the first time, you must invest, in the aggregate, at least $25,000 in one or more Funds.

4. I have funds in an old employer’s retirement account (e.g. 401(k) or 403(b), etc.) Does Knights of Columbus accept IRA rollovers?

Yes, Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors offers IRA accounts that can be funded from new contributions or the rollover of an existing account.

5. I am ready to invest. What do I need to complete and where should I send it?

Complete an application and submit it to Knights of Columbus mutual funds; c/o DST Systems, Inc; P.O. Box 219009; Kansas City, MO 64121-9009 or for overnight delivery, Knights of Columbus mutual funds; c/o DST Systems, Inc; 430 West 7th Street; Kansas City, MO 64105. For assistance, call Knights of Columbus mutual funds, toll-free at 1-844-KC-Funds (1.844.523.8637)

6. Who owns Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors?

Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors is a wholly owned subsidiary of Knights of Columbus.

7. Who are the Knights of Columbus?

Founded in 1882, to serve and protect those on the margins of society, the Knights of Columbus has grown to become the world’s largest Catholic fraternal organization with approximately 1.9 million members and over $100 billion in insurance in force. In the most recently completed fraternal year, the Knights of Columbus donated over $177.5 million to charitable causes and volunteered over 75 million hours in service to others.